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    Here you will find the right forum for critical and appreciative clients, who are either searching for or wish to sell new and used musical instruments, studio gear, lighting and PA equipment.

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    Internet offre de plus en plus de possibilités de vendre des instruments de musique utilisés. En attendant, beaucoup de portails classés, qui sont soit dirigés vers des classes d'instruments spécifiques, par exemple, ainsi que, telles que les petites annonces ebay, muckerbox et depuis 2017 également notre portail Audio.Deals.

    Nowadays it is relatively difficult for musicians, bands, musicians and stage technicians to come to fair offers and to receive reasonable prices for their used musical instruments, used event technology and used sound reinforcement technology. In the best case, of course, it should be possible without shipping, with direct collection and cash payment. So you know your beloved musical instrument also in good hands, if one stands opposite.

    Fragen und Antworten

    Where can I sell my instrument?

    If you have decided to sell your used musical instrument online, you will be able to reach many suppliers quickly. However, not everyone is suitable for the particular purpose, since one often applies to fees.

    Important factors when selling used musical instruments

    • Do I have to pay if I want to sell my used musical instruments?
    • Is the appropriate audience available? (Guitarists, event technicians, drummers)?
    • Does the audience also look for the musical instrument or device that I want to sell?
    • Do I have sufficient picture material and a good description?
    • What is the demand for selling instruments on the website?
    • Is adjusting the small display simple or very complicated?
    • Can I get help selling my used musical instrument?

    How does an interested person find my classifieds at Audio.Deals?

    Quite simply - the better your music instrument is described, the more pictures are available, the higher the chances of selling your used musical instrument. In addition, we publish on our social media channels the TOP classified ads completely free of charge. It is only - who comes first, paints first. So get one of the coveted ads, find in your internal area at the respective ad details!

    Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Everything goes through the presentation of the used musical instrument

    Online business is always about pictures. Present your music instrument with many meaningful pictures and it sells all the faster. You know it through other shopping portals that an article with many detail pictures arouses your interest rather than one without.

    The structure of the classified portal portal also plays a role. Simple operation, a good search function, a cowardly appearance and no overload with advertisements. You feel right at home. We hope that with Audio.Deals for you have, of course, are always open for suggestions and criticism.

    Free classifieds for your used music instrument

    More than a decade ago it was still something special to get hold of on eBay. Unfortunately, the times are over and the flea market feeling has long since disappeared. Thus, many musicians have also adopted the platform and migrated to forums and small advertising markets. Not least because of the proud sales fees, which add up to 9-10% of the sales price and reduce the proceeds. Adding transaction fees to the payment provider, the fun is completely over. Here at Audio.Deals are no charges. Our portal is completely free of charge.

    Can I get help selling my used musical instrument?

    We have created a very simple form for you, which is simply designed to help you sell your used musical instrument. So that the last inconsistencies can be eradicated, there is additionally a video that shows the adjustment process.

    We are also available to answer your questions by e-mail if there are problems selling your music instrument. Just follow the instructions in the Dashboard of your personal area.

    As an additional free service, we offer a classified setup service to help you sell your used musical instruments.

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